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How Anesthesia Company Ownership Impacts Your Service and Bottom Line

Anesthesia company ownership can make a difference in terms of not only profitability, but also service orientation, teamwork and the quality of patient care. This post helps you identify some key factors when making your choice.

When you’re looking for an anesthesia company, forging that relationship can be a big step. Anesthesia company ownership involves many factors, all of which must be taken into consideration. While profitability and other fiscal factors are certainly near the top of the list, other considerations include service orientation, ethical behavior and how well the company can integrate with your staff. Sweet Dreams Anesthesia will meet your needs in all these respects.

Profits or quality?

Ideally, an anesthesia company would provide quality service, operate ethically, help your bottom line and work as a partner who cares about your success as well as their own. However, it is not uncommon for the profit motive to win out. When decision making always comes down on the profit side of the ledger, other important priorities may be neglected. Recent ethical scandals in the executive suite involving Wells Fargo, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance and Texas Instruments illustrate what can happen if money is the primary motive in an organization. In health care, this can mean patient needs and safety may be sacrificed for financial gain. A company may understaff to meet revenue expectations or may not care if the professionals they provide fit into your organizational culture.

Why Choose A Privately-Owned Anesthesia Company?

When you’re working with an anesthesia company, you need the reassurance that patient care will not be affected by the investors’ priorities. In too many larger public companies, the bottom line is the most important consideration in all decisions. If patient care doesn’t come first, you could find yourself in a situation where patients are injured or worse. A smaller, private, independent company is much more likely to have a patient focus. While profitability is important to a smaller organization, it’s important from the perspective of having sufficient resources to pay providers well, offer training and supervision, and support the company’s mission of quality patient care, not to line the pockets of the board of directors and investors.

Assessing an Anesthesia Company

When choosing an anesthesia company, consider these factors:

Service motive

Why does the company do what they do? The focus should be on patient safety, high-quality care and customer satisfaction. They should demonstrate they care about a good fit with your facility and staff. They should act ethically in everything they do — big things and small things.


Compare the company’s charges to competitors and industry norms. If the company you’re considering consistently charges payers and facilities more than the usual, does their service and patient outcomes warrant the higher rates?

Personal interactions

When you talk to a member of the organization, how do they treat you? Are they warm, friendly and considerate? Do they return calls promptly, answer questions to your satisfaction and provide you with all the information you need?

Detail orientation

The provision of anesthesia services is complex. An anesthesia provider should be consistent in attending to the details of patient care and satisfying your facility’s specific needs. This requires excellent and thorough communication, regular meetings and a willingness to work through any issues that arise.

At Sweet Dreams Anesthesia, we offer anesthesia services that will help you meet the needs of your facility, patients and the bottom line. We have a partnership mentality, a teamwork perspective and a goal of providing worry-free anesthesia services to hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and office-based practices. When you call us, you’ll be talking directly to the decision makers, not wading through layers of staff. Please contact Sweet Dreams Anesthesia by calling 615-823-8024 or visiting our website. We’ll do our best to respond within one working day.

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